Why You Should Protect Your Energy

Do you ever feel utterly incapable at work or say… when socializing with friends? I do. All the time. I’ve gotten very good at faking my way through life. And I’m over it.

For an entire decade, basically half my life, technology has consumed much of my time here on Earth. Hah, whether it be in school, at work, or throughout my daily life… I can’t seem to get away from it.

The past month I’ve been off Instagram. And I will say, there are a lot of pros. Less comparison for one. But, you know what I find myself caught up on? The fact that I stay connected with others through technology, in a more or less artificial way.

What I mean is:

  • I’m replacing intimate, true relationships with online “friends”… “friends” of which have me thinking I have a HUGE support system when the reality is the exact opposite. I have found myself blindly believing a false reality I have created in a virtual world: a virtual world in which I have 100+, 1,000+, or say 1M+ friends who I would like to think care about my life, when they don’t.
  • I mean, the wholehearted truth is this: no one actually worries about what the heck I’m doing because they are so caught up in their OWN worries of what others are thinking of themselves.

It’s a false dichotomy that’s a tricky and dangerous game to play and one that easily traps us all.

  • So, then the following comes into play: when I have my hard days, I want to lean on MY people. But, sometimes I stop in my tracks & I get upset at the fact that maybe I can’t even think of MY person.

Don’t get me wrong, I have my people — and those people know who they are — but sometimes, I get tense as my mind leaves out all the good parts of life. And then, well… I can’t help but feel speechless.

This right here is where I find myself needing to pause. I first tell myself:

“Protect your energy”… wise words from one of my most favorite humans to exist.

And then I ask myself:

“Am I setting healthy boundaries?”

It’s a question that brings food for thought. As it not only begs the question, “who do I want in my life?”… but it also magnifies a bigger question,

“What am I doing for myself?”

Such questions bring about newfound revelations as I force myself into journaling about self awareness. And you know, although I may not like the feeling of hard truths that follow the above questions, I have never regretted such moments.

Why? Because they always end in one outcome: undeniable clarity. Asking myself the harder questions and TRULY delving into them is something new for me… but it’s been a good something new.

If you are seeking purpose, meaning, or even wondering what adventure your life will bring about next, try actually sitting down and asking yourself,

“Am I protecting my energy?”

I’m a 21 year old who likes to try new things, like writing this blog. If you want in on new ideas & opportunities in life, follow along :)