I’m a 21 year old who likes to try new things, like writing this blog. If you want in on new ideas & opportunities in life, follow along :)
View from 12,633 feet in the air on Mount Humphrey’s, Flagstaff, Arizona, USA | July 2019

Lately, I have been striving to try new things. Typical, I know. But I wholeheartedly believe new things bring about that lost — but utterly fulfilling — sense of wonder I’d stumble upon every day of my childhood.

A wonder that so easily drifted away with each new trip around…


Do you ever feel utterly incapable at work or say… when socializing with friends? I do. All the time. I’ve gotten very good at faking my way through life. And I’m over it.

For an entire decade, basically half my life, technology has consumed much of my time here on…

Clare Dunnahoo

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